• Image of Saturday Savior - June 9 (Los Angeles)
  • Image of Saturday Savior - June 9 (Los Angeles)

WHAT IT IS: Imagine if your self-care/relaxation/work week decompression and weekend brunch were wrapped up into one enjoyable and affordable half day of you time with a handful of other incredible souls. Imagine you just show up, and the rest is taken care of. You are ushered from one healing dimension to another, or you just remain still, breathing in fresh air and calming scents and sipping on various medicinal tonics, and perhaps a glass of rose.

AMENITIES & SERVICES: Saturday Savior is a completely unique experience Micha dreamt up (and aptly named after a favorite song) as she opens up her tranquil Altadena home and our Of The Wolves home base once a month to a small group of women, inviting each person to decompress while offering healing services. Flowing from the home to the yard, attendees are encouraged to enjoy the accommodations – like the infrared sauna, hot tub, pool and indoor and outdoor seating areas – as well as customize their day with healing add-ons such as Reiki healing with sound sessions and a 1:1 customized scent exploration. Every month, there will be one additional element – a guest healer, ceremonial opening or closing, or simply a surprise.

Throughout the house, attendees will be invited to sip on medicinal grade plant-based tonics by Goldthread, various homemade and organic teas, one special plant-based snack and Bonterra organic rose wine in addition to other healthy goodies. There will be organic skin care products, Sanae Intoxicants and more sustainable beauty products to utilize or purchase during the day to protect and nourish the skin as you soak in the sun and detox the body.


Opening meditation
Infrared sauna session (must sign up for time in advance)
Natural hot tub and pool access
Tea ceremony
Outside garden and indoor seating
Goldthread Plant tonics
Bonterra organic wine
Light plant-based snacks
Organic sunscreen for garden use and organic skincare for replenishing
Sanae Intoxicants scents for sale
Showers and fresh towels and soaps for cleansing
Optional hike on the Gabrieleno Trail before or after