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Complexity Coaching took all of my professional life, several coaching certifications, a plethora of personal tragedies and now obtaining my Masters in Counseling Psychology to arrive at.

My version of coaching addresses the following:
We present as whole beings even when focused on one particular topic; our stress levels, diet, exercise and belief systems play a large part of our current life; purpose has never been more important to most people; the amount of external and internalized stressors most of us are experiencing are exceptionally profound, hence world affairs; we grow increasingly more dysfunctional at communications in this modern age, creating a cascade of unwanted circumstances in our relationships. ALL of this impacts our ability to attain what is most important to us.

We each have most of the answers we’ll ever need within us, but part of the human condition is to possess blind spots and deeply embedded subjective narratives that can hold us back from positive change. We need feedback loops. So, you set the agenda for our sessions, and I show up just as committed to help you reach dreams, goals and change. Through counseling, I often work with entrepreneurs, creatives and females, and I’ve deep experience with extreme mental illness, addiction and suicidal thoughts/actions. However, I seek to work with whomever I believe I can help, intermingling psychological, spiritual and neurolingustic lenses.

I studied executive coaching at Columbia University and neurolinguistics programming coaching via Erickson and Bennett Stellar. I am also a Clinical/Counseling Psychology major with an emphasis on Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute, concluding with full licensure. If we veer into territory I’m not yet accomplished in, I will refer out so that your psyche is safe and you get all that you need from advisement. There are laws and ethics in working with the mind, and they are important. My network of psychotherapists, functional nutritionists and healers of various modalities is extensive for referrals.

With Love,

***Once you've checked out here, you'll receive a link to an online scheduler to choose a day and time that works best for you. If you're in the LA area, we can meet face to face at my office. Otherwise, most sessions are conducted via phone or Skype.