• Image of Of The Wolves Tee

We heard your howls for an official Of The Wolves tee, and we heeded our own call for OTW sustainable and branded goodies! We worked with artist Zoe Nissman to create this nature-inspired tee that pretty much sums us up visually and sets our little wolf hearts wild! Our tees are printed on Bella + Canvass raglans, eco-conscious manufacturers working out of a 100% sweatshop-free and paper-free warehouse in Los Angeles. Proceeds ALWAYS go to the Pack and our stewardship efforts.

***Shipping Information*** We are a two-person machine, attending to a lot of different stations, so please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

***Sizing Information*** XS- 16.3" W x 25.13" L // S- 17.63 " W x 27.5" L // M- 19.63" W x 28.5" L // L- 21.63" W x 29.5" L // XL- 23.63" W x 30.5" L

Poly-blend and Ring Spun Cotton