• Image of Tarot for Healing + Empowerment | Major Arcana Online Workshop

December 20, 2017
6:00-8:00pm PST

December 22
10:00am-12:00pm PST
***A Rider Waite deck is recommended!***

WORKSHOP INCLUDES: An hour and a half of tarot tutorial and discussion, and an extensive PDF of card information.

Join Portland-based Erin Aquarian, a full-time reader and OTW contributor, in an inspired and inclusive journey through the tarot and how this practical magic tool can support and guide us in our modern human experience.

Tarot is an ancient and mysterious oracle. It is a misunderstood and sometimes feared divinatory device. It’s a conversation with the universe, and it’s a tool that can change your life forever. It did Erin’s. The tarot helps us understand ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses, and explore our potential and purpose. In learning about how the cards relate to our minds, hearts, spirits, and lives, we can move out of limited states of being and into our personal power to transform our lives and our world. We can use the tarot to bypass our fears and access our intuition, transcending limiting belief systems to find the wisdom of our souls. This series of live workshops with accompanying materials will help you understand the basics of tarot as a tool for personal healing and empowerment, and support you in developing your own unique intuitive relationship to the cards. 

Session 1: Major Arcana
Erin explains the 22 card Major Arcana sequence as it relates to both our universal human experiences and a broader, cosmic perspective. We all came here for a reason. The Major Arcana tell the story of our souls, and these cards can help us awaken to our power, potential, and true purpose in life. What is your story? What radical, soulful purpose is your job to manifest in this world? Look to the Majors and ignite the possibilities.
***Instructions to join the call and an accompanying PDF of info will be sent prior to the call.***

Erin Aquarian is an intuitive healer, artist and teacher based in Portland, Oregon. She teaches people how to use tarot as a tool for personal healing and empowerment and to radically change their lives from the inside out, navigate life challenges, free up creativity, and overcome personal obstacles to fulfillment and success. In the tarot, Erin found a loving healer that supported her in her own rejuvenation, and a guidance counselor that helped her find her way in life. She has experienced firsthand that tarot can change the world one person at a time, and her mission is to pass along this blessing to as many people as she can. Erin is thrilled to share her skills with the Of The Wolves pack!