• Image of So-called Social Reality: Living An Authentic Life on Social Media (Online)

Available February 2017.
***A part of the "Howling with Integrity" series.***
“Social media wields the devastating authority to damn and destroy lives, but it can also serve as a powerful tool to help us heal and unite.” – Randy Myers, The Mercury News

This is not your everyday social media tutorial or workshop. Our focus is on a toolbox full of ways to live more authentically online, with integrity tips, concrete photo editing tools that don’t distort nor create a completely unrealistic version of reality, suggestions on how to filter content ideas, commenting practices, determining who you really are online, hashtag use and overuse, identifying and disengaging from bullying, and more. We won’t be teaching you how to build a following fast, but remember – people are not to be underestimated. If your message, your content and your intent is honest, clear and authentic you can engage and enthrall and certainly grow your following.

We won’t teach you how to crop, splice, nor overhaul your photos to cultivate a picture-perfect life. We do go over nuts and bolts of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and plenty of tips on how to navigate them and their respective mores. It’s communication that can metaphorically move mountains; it’s communications that can decimate almost anything, and it’s communications that are ripping us apart globally and can and will put us back together.

Join Micha and Lulu for a video and written discussion on the ubiquitous and relatively inescapable realm of social media and how to utilize all platforms honestly and with integrity. How to promote without pushing, how to recognize times of needed silence vs. noise and so much more. There is no “level” of social media required to take this course – no number of followers nor years spent on social media as a pre-requisite. This is a conversation and tutorial relevant for anyone - whether you’re a constant user of social media or a casual follower, a business or an individual. This program is the culmination of our careers and a TON of research and dialogues, of which we enjoyed every moment.

WORKSHOP DETAILS: We’ve worked incredibly hard to create this extensive curriculum, workshop and dialogue. You’ll find case studies, testimonials from social media successes, experts and even recipients of bullying. You’ll be given prompts to generate your own unique goals, messages and metrics for integrity. We’ve created a multi-page guide to accompany the workshop and for you to take into your next phases as a social media #truthteller.

NUTS AND BOLTS: This workshop is open to anyone with wi-fi access around the world. Streaming lasts for 7 days upon first log-in. Upon purchasing this workshop, we’ll send you log-in information and access details immediately via email. However, your workshop date does not begin until you’re ready – when you’ve entered your code. The workshop lasts an hour and a half. Codes are not transferable and can only be used on one device.

ABOUT MICHA: Micha Thomas is a creative director, entrepreneur, and trained life and executive coach in Executive and Organizational Coaching via Columbia University and in NLP-based life assistance and hypnotherapy.. She’s carved out successful marketing, storytelling, branding and communication initiatives for clients across culture, music, innovation and technology industries for over 13 years (clients including The Windish Agency, Yahoo! Entertainment, Adobe, PopTech, Chronicle Books, Songkick and the Los Angeles Ballet). She’s the creator of The MiA (Made in America) Project and the other wild woman leading the Of The Wolves community.

Micha has been featured in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Magazine, Apartment Therapy, Refinery29, The Chalkboard Mag, DesignSponge, FOAM, and more as well as contributed stories to Elle, LAist, and HighSnobiety/Selectism. A born Southerner, trained dancer and novice photographer, she’s recovering from a lifetime of being painfully shy in front of the camera, but ironically loves an audience and leading important discourse.

ABOUT LULU: Lady Lu of the Wolves, aka Lulu Brud Zsebe, is the wild woman behind the brand OF THE WOLVES. She is a part of the whole. A piece of the movement back into the WILD. She finds inspiration in the quiet of the desert, sunrises/sunsets, sacred geometry, patterns and colors in nature, the lunar cycle, synchronicities, dance and movement, stillness and quiet, ritualistic cultures, the jungle, the mountains, the pulse of the ocean, wolves and birds, feminine archetypes in storytelling, communities and tribes. Lulu is an actress (Pretty Little Liars, Ray Donovan, Entourage), artist, writer and home sanctuary maker and sustainable lifestyle promoter.

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