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***Launches January 3, 2018 due to some technical difficulties***
Life is inherently prickly and challenging, our nervous systems are under siege, our constant usage of devices is habit forming and clinically addictive, 24/7 news cycles and demands to make ends meet are depleting us. This results in anxiety, trouble concentrating, depression, a mind under siege, and we often respond with dysfunctional behaviors. But what drugs, alcohol, mind-altering substances or any practice that we use to mentally escape also do is seditiously lure us away from the incomparable benefits of the raw highs of life, the sublimity of the in-betweens, and even the clarity of the lows. Our preponderance to “dulling down”, as I refer to it, has been studied for years, whether we’re talking food, booze, sex - whatever your pleasure cocoon. We humans are messy, complex beings, and sometimes we flee from truly feeling all our messy complex humanness, really meeting life on life’s terms.

When we prioritize a clear mind and create new habits, we physiologically change. As Dr. Joe Dispenza, researcher, chiropractor, lecturer and author has said, “Every time you have a new thought you create a new connection in your brain.” And as Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, psychiatrist and clinician, tells us in The Body Keeps the Score, stress harms us through physiological changes to body and brain. Excess stress alone can predispose us to everything from diabetes to heart disease to cancer. However, we’re not fooling our body or mind with dulling down and escapist tactics, just ignoring the persistent problem – the causes of our stress.

This two-week program was created out of my own experience – enduring grief, trauma and loss and struggling to self-start, to achieve clear-headedness, to put one mental foot in front of another for quite some time. Day by day, I take you through suggestions for dancing with lucidity based on research, studies and personal experiences, and I root you on with journalling exercises and meditations. Lucidity is Brilliant™ can be launched and undertaken from anywhere in the world.

Program and Kit includes:
• Proprietary program (printable PDF and online access) of research, anecdotes and daily prompts, including:
…In-depth questionnaire to probe the truth of your habits
…Audio meditation prompts
…Journal exercises
…and much more!
***You will need a notebook to record your thoughts and answer prompts.***